Bochum, inaugural meeting.

“PROPHET” first meeting

Bochum, RUB University, Avril 2017.
The first meeting of the research project “PROPHET” took place at the RUB University in Bochum, (Germany), on the 4th of April. The conveners,  Stefan Reichmuth (professor at RUB University) and Rachida Chih (researcher at CNRS –CETOBAC, Paris), gathered a group of German, French and Italian researchers  who dedicated to working together during the next three years on the history of the representations of the Prophet Muhammad in Muslim societies, doctrines and everyday life. The program is funded by the German Research Organization (DFG) and its French homologue, the National Research Agency (ANR).

A welcome speech by Prof. Dr. Bernd Bastert

Prof. Dr. Stefan Reichmuth (left) and Prof. Dr. Bernd Bastert

The Dean of the Faculty of Philology of the RUB-University, Prof. Dr. Bernd Bastert, gave a welcome speech, in which he underlined the central role of scientific cooperation among state members of the European Community.

A word by Dr. Bernard Ludwig (ANR)

Rachida Chih, Nelly Amri and Bernard Ludwig (right)

Dr. Bernard Ludwig, director of the ANR-DFG program in Social Sciences and Humanities, presented the most important data concerning the program. Since its first call, this device funded dozens of research projects, most of them being able to develop and reach a further step, like ERC-funded projects.

Genesis and development of the project

Stefan Reichmuth, Rachida Chih, Nelly Amri, Marc Toutant (right)

Stefan Reichmuth and Rachida Chih summarized the genesis of the project and explained its general timeline, with the support of a Powerpoint presentation designed by Marc Toutant (EHESS). Much attention was given to the organization of the first year of activities, during which two main workshops would be organized, beside two important international meetings (the GIS congress in Paris and the DOT in Jena). Nelly Amri (professor at the University of La Manuba, Tunis) presented the detailed program of the first workshop, that will be held in Paris, in July 2017.

A round table

Francesco Chiabotti (INALCO) presented the website of the project  and the group discussed its functionalities and the typologies of publications that it could host. In the afternoon, a round-table session was opened, in the course of which every partner briefly exposed his/her research project.

The next meeting is planned for July 2017, in Paris.


Project “PROPHET” officially announced in the RUB-University Press

At the occasion of the inaugural meeting of the “PROPHET” team, the press of the University of Bochum officially announced the launching of the project. Arne Dessau’s article (in German) can be read at the website of the RUB University: