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This second collective volume of the series The Presence of the Prophet explores the growing importance of the figure of the Prophet Muhammad for questions of authority and power in early modern and modern times.
The authors provide a rich collection of case studies on how Muhammad’s material, spiritual, and genealogical heritage has been claimed for the foundation of Muslim empires, revolutionary movements, the formation of modern nation states and ideologies, as well as for communal mobilization and social reform.
This novel comparative, and diachronic study, which is unique for its wide coverage of regional cases and perspectives, reveals diverse political representations of the Prophet in an increasingly globalised struggle over the control of his image between secularization and sacralization.
Cover The Presence of the Prophet in Early Modern and Contemporary Islam
Volume 1, The Prophet Between Doctrine, Literature and Arts: Historical Legacies and Their Unfolding
The three-volume series titled The Presence of the Prophet in Early Modern and Contemporary Islam, is the first attempt to explore the dynamics of the representation of the Prophet Muhammad in the course of Muslim history until the present.
This first collective volume outlines his figure in the early Islamic tradition, and its later transformations until recent times that were shaped by Prophet-centered piety and politics. A variety of case studies offers a unique overview of the interplay of Sunnī amd Shīʿī doctrines with literature and arts in the formation of his image. They trace the integrative and conflictual qualities of a “Prophetic culture”, in which the Prophet of Islam continues his presence among the Muslim believers.
Le serviteur de Dieu de Denis Gril. Textes recueillis et introduits par Francesco Chiabotti Collection Islam, nouvelles approches 360 pages – janv. 2022

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• Le prophète de l’islam, numéro spécial des Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions (ASSR), sous la direction de Nelly Amri, Rachida Chih, Denis Gril (n° 178, Juillet-septembre 2017, ISBN 978-2-7132-2693-9, 23€)

Regards croisés sur le prophète de l’Islam / Der Prophet des Islams im Blickwechsel, numéro spécial de la revue TRIVIUM (n° 29, 2019), sous la direction de Francesco Chiabotti et Ruggero Vimercati Sanseverino


  1. Eve FEUILLEBOIS-PIERUNEK (Paris 3 Nouvelle Sorbonne), “Poetry in Honor of the Prophet in the works of Sanā’ī (1080-1130) and ʿAṭṭār (ca 1145-ca 1221)”. Paper presented at the GIS conferences (Paris,  7 juillet 2017).
  2. Stefan REICHMUTH (RUHR University), Le rôle du prophète dans une eschatologie “inaugurée” en Islam – Dix Thèses“. Paper presented at the summeschool « Prophétologies musulmanes » (Aix-en-Provence, 30th June 2017) and at the GIS conference (Paris,  7th July 2017) .
  3. Pierre LORY (EPHE, Paris), The Prophet and the other prophetic figures in the mystical interpretation of the Quran. The case of Abraham“, Paper presented at the workshop “Between God and Man. The Representations of the Prophet in the Construction of Islamic Knowledge” (Paris, 5-6 July 2017)
  4. Jean-Jacques THIBON (INALCO), “Transmission du hadith et modèle prophétique chez les premiers soufis”, Paper presented at the GIS conferences (Paris,  7 juillet 2017).
  5. Adrien de JARMY,  “Representations of the Prophet during the expeditions, as depicted in the maghāzī literature and the ḥadīt̲h̲-s of al-Bukhārī“, Paper presented at the workshop “Between God and Man. The Representations of the Prophet in the Construction of Islamic Knowledge” (Paris, 5-6 July 2017).
  6. Gianfranco BRIA,  “The Alid Iconography between Bektashi Claiming and Popular Piety in Contemporary Albania“, paper presented at the GIS conferences (Paris,  7 juillet 2017).
  7. Cristiane GRUBER, “The Prophet as a ‘Sacred Spring’: Late Ottoman Hilye Bottles“, paper presented at workshop “Between God and Man: Representations of the Prophet in Literature, Arts, and Media” (Bochum, 9-10 November 2017)
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