Research plan

In order to provide structure to a research field of such large and diverse dimensions, the explorations envisaged by the project will  operate  along  three  major  thematic  axes, which will set the framework for each annual programme and which will also define the disciplines of historical, cultural and social studies which will have to engage with. While a first axis on the doctrinal and controversial aspects of Islamic Prophetology is planned to provide a groundwork for the further years, the second will focus on the significance of the Prophet for the legitimation of religious authority and political power. The third axis involves the religious and cultural aspects of Prophetic piety as an individual and a collective experience.

1.  Representations of the Prophet: figurations and controversies 

2. Heirs of the Prophet: Legitimation and establishment of Religious Authority and Political Power

3. Prophetic piety between individual  and collective  experience

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